27.09.13 11:15 Age: 6 yrs

P74 Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia; 1415 SQUARES, APPROXIMATELY


September 20 - October 11, 2013


TRIPTYCH - THE CITY, 2013, oil on canvas, graphite, charcoal, pastel, masking tape, marker, canvas, 170 x 420 cm

In his work Miha Štrukelj makes use of the medium of painting and the medium of drawing in order to investigate the medium itself, as well as the process of creating. With the processual approach he gives the viewer insight into all the phases of creating an artistic work.

The world of motifs, which Štrukelj masters in his paintings, was initially drawn from the world of media and the Internet, later he focused upon urban landscapes, where he successfully combined real and fictional elements or simply abstracted real topologies. Urban spaces are defined by architecture, locations and objects that create tension: empty, forgotten, uninhabited spaces that act as something intermediate, undecided. 

Over the years, Štrukelj has developed his own method of working. While creating a painting or a drawing he leaves empty fields, from there they lead the way to an “extended painting” and “extended drawing”, when the painting and the drawing leave their carrier surface and extend into the physical space. The process of work begins with the selection of motifs from a photo or from the actual environment which houses an anonymous individual. The basis of the work is a grid, which brings a formal order to a newly-arisen chaos of disparate elements. The grid is also an element of the artistic tradition of painting. In the installation the grid traverses between the real and the imaginary spaces, thus enabling the painting to reveal different layers of its representation. 

In Gallery P74 Miha Štrukelj announces the presentation of four paintings, created in the last three years. Three of the works are based on a research of the architecture of the city of Ljubljana, focusing on the current housing trends and the changing social and physical appearance of the city. The last, larger work, a triptych, was created according to the principle of collage of urban spaces which is characteristic for his site-specific installlations.