29.12.13 21:17 Age: 6 yrs



December 20, 2013 - January 26, 2014


Made in Us is an art project by Uroš Abram, Uroš Weinberger, Mark Požlep, Luka Uršiča and Miha Štrukelj.
The exhibition, where painting is being integrated with photography, the analogue with the digital, and the individual with the collective, is presenting the works of Uroš Abram, Uroš Weinberger, Mark Požlep, Luka Uršič and Miha Štrukelj. In the foreground there is a story, narrated by the arists.

The story and the play with different visual media form the foundation for the communication between the creator and the viewer – consumer. As Renata Štebih wrote in the text, accompanying the exhibition: »Visual media equals code, equals language and speech. The current exhibition tackles the familiar codes used as language by several Slovenian artists. All of them use codes putting the established perceptions of visual media out of joint: Uroš Abram's photographs taken with camera oralis appear painting-like, whereas the participating painters Uroš Weinberger, Mark Požlep, Luka Uršič and Miha Štrukelj all produce quite photography-like works. Naturally, these authors are not the first ones to express doubts regarding the myth of how certain media should speak, this is actually of no concern to them. Without prejudice, they use the media for the very same purpose that artists have been using art for millennia. To express themselves. Within this project, the painters intervene, paint on photographs, and the photographer places digital photo portraits of painters into their works.«

As such, the exhibition also deals with the questions, concerning the ability of media, deceit and narration, and finally – it inteferes with our set perceptions regarding specific media based on what is generally established rather than a profound consideration of each media.