29.03.07 16:25 Age: 12 yrs

Text by: Martina Vovk

By: Martina Vovk


`VALUES`, Pančevo Biennale, Pančevo, Serbia & Montenegro, 2004

Miha Štrukelj belongs to the younger generation of Slovenian artists and to the trend in contemporary art which we term 'mediated art' . The source of this art is the madia world, where it takes shape, or as we might put it in a nostalgic turn of phrase, where it draws its inspiration. This kind of description is not exaggerated, as the art of Miha Štrukelj is not based only on the surface of a media image, but even more so on the complex and inexhaustible context which the media image and media reality have in the contemporary world.

Štrukelj's art comes into being in the era marked by the insight into its inability to judge reality, be that in a social, political, political or an artistic context. The hermeticism of modernism has been exhausted. The art had to opento the outside world to once again find its conditions, its means and the meaning of its existance. It was met by an insight on a world where every reality, even the reality of history, has retained only the status of a construction, a narrative fiction, which is founded on itself and does not denote a real outside referent. Namely, at a time of extreme ontological nihilism, it is not possible to recognize with certainty this kind of a referent . Art found itself on slippery ground, while at the same time a new wide range of possibilities was opened, one in which the media image could become a legitimate material for art, taking the place previously held by intimate existential experience.